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Mental Health


With Frank we want to spread awareness towards mental health. But not only the common topics such as depression or other psychological illnesses. We are addressing mental health that is a concern to every human being.

Because every person has a mental health that needs to be taken care of. Trivial things such as fears are effecting mental health and especially the way we respond to those. We would like to create a space for open, honest conversation and educate towards healthy communication.



Angst is the German word for fear. It is not a negative thing, but merely a natural reaction of the body towards a possible threat. Understanding that there is no shame to fear, accepting that you are afraid and finding the root are the first steps to healthily confronting your personal Angst.



The most important point for us, in our mission to spread mental health awareness, is to break down conversational taboos and barriers. We believe a necessary step to reach the all over goal of societal acceptance of the psychic wellbeing (e.g. compared to the physical wellbeing). 

To be able to effectively communicate knowledge, we will be focusing on one topic at a time per collection. Our first ANGST collection is all about the origins of fear. How to deal with and even benefit from them. We are especially also sharing advice on how to care for friends who are struggling. The lack of a proper support system in the personal environment is often one of the biggest problems for people trying to overcome their subject. We are constantly building our little information library on our Instagram channel @frankberlincom - so make sure to subscribe and become part of the community.



Enable open and honest conversations. Within your family, within your friendship circle, with a stranger on the street. Have that beautiful vulnerable talk. You can take away part of the fear and insecurities of your opposite (or even yourself!) by putting the words out there. 

Our ANGST collection is a perfect conversation starter by the way. Break away that taboo. Share your fear and empower yourself by doing so. Select your favorite ANGST piece here now.

Select your favorite ANGST piece now


Dear friend, thank you for seeking support and advice on mental health with us. While we are not a mental health service provider, we are dedicated to guiding you to the right resources. It's important to remember that taking the step to seek help or information is a positive move towards better mental health. Your mental health matters and it's essential to prioritize self-care. We encourage you to explore the resources we've compiled, reach out to professionals or support networks and take the necessary steps to achieve a healthier state of mind.