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A curated collection of playlists and podcasts addressing mental health, well-being and personal growth recommended by FRANK BERLIN.

  • Songs to uplift your mood

    Brighten your day with our uplifting playlist! Perfect for any time you need a mood lift :) Turn up the volume with us! Love, Frank Berlin

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  • Songs to listen when you are anxious

    Relax with our playlist crafted to ease anxiety. Perfect for stressful moments or unwinding after a long day. Take a deep breath. Love, Frank Berlin

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Dear friend, thank you for seeking support and advice on mental health with us. While we are not a mental health service provider, we are dedicated to guiding you to the right resources. It's important to remember that taking the step to seek help or information is a positive move towards better mental health. Your mental health matters and it's essential to prioritize self-care. We encourage you to explore the resources we've compiled, reach out to professionals or support networks and take the necessary steps to achieve a healthier state of mind.