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Sprinkle Taper Candle in Black and White

Sprinkle Taper Candle in Black and White

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Frank Berlin x Dreamy Candles

Women owned business support women owned businesses. 

In collaboration with Berlin based candle artist Janine Scholz from Dreamy Candles, we designed or own candle collection. 

Classy and timeless taper candles in white with black sprinkles. 
A perfect trendy cheeky but elegant addition to any interior decoration.

Each candle is handmade and handpoured with love in Berlin and makes every candle a one of a kind piece.

Dreamy Candles are 95% made of pure plant based coconut-rape wax oder soy wax. It has a very neutral smell and burns longer than conventional paraffin candles.

Sold as a single candle.

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