We are Frank Berlin

The streetwear brand that made it its mission to build awareness for mental health.


When searching for a name for our label we ultimately decided on Frank because it somehow conveys a lot of aspects that we are looking to connect to our mission. Frank is a super common name so when seeing our label, most people ask „So, who is Frank?“, we would say, none of us is called Frank, there is also no muse we are naming our brand after. Frank is every person who is dealing with mental health. Frank is you, Frank is us, Frank are our customers, Frank is everyone out there. Because anyone who has a brain, has a mental health. Whether they are healthy or traumatized or are dealing with depression. Mental health problems are everywhere and concern everyone but still the society speaks so little about it. So Frank is all of us.

But also „frank” is a synonym for „open and direct” which is the core of our values. Our mission in the mental health department is to start an honest conversation. Our goal is to contribute to normalize talking about mental health topics.


Mental health is a topic that has been increasingly finding its way into our lives since Covid. Dealing with the topic we came to understand that it is not only about clinical illnesses but about the general well being of all our minds. Mental health starts with emotions like fear which is a completely natural reaction of the human body. Identifying fear as an ordinary thing rather than a shameful enemy, is one of the life changing lessons we learnt on our journey. We felt the importance to share and educate as many people as we can reach. That was the moment we created Frank Berlin.

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