The streetwear brand that made it its mission to build awareness for mental health. It was founded by stylist Anh Dinh and creative director Nida Temaj.



Anh has been making her way in the fashion industry since 2011. Nowadays she is a well sought after Stylist, has worked with many leading figures in the German music industry and has styled rojects for iconic street and casualwear companies. Anh has been advocating many social topics, mental health and selfcare on her Instagram channel for a long time. Finally putting together her passions in Frank Berlin is a personal dream come true.

Nida has been working in the creative and fashion industry since 2016 and is a Creative Director with expertise in graphic design, photography and business communication. Inspired by psychology and philosophy, she sees her work as a form of self therapy and now find expression in Frank Berlin.

„With Frank I hope to reach people with the mental health topic who would not necessarily go out and look for it. The print design is a very cool visual in general, which I would imagine people would love to wear even just for the looks of it. And with that they would hopefully start reflecting on what it says on their chest as well as what our brand stands for.” - Anh Dinh

„We need a place where emotions and mental health are understood and communicated transparently. For this we need to be honest with each other and be understanding, caring, loving. Frank became a home for me and I hope it can also become a home for others. My ANGST Design shall create a social acceptance and relevance for Mental Health in everyday life and dissolve taboos.” - Nida Temaj



Mental health is a topic that has been increasingly finding its way into our lives since Covid. Dealing with the topic we came to understand that it is not only about clinical illnesses but about the general well being of all our minds. Mental health starts with emotions like fear which is a completely natural reaction of the human body. Identifying fear as an ordinary thing rather than a shameful enemy, is one of the life changing lessons we learnt on our journey. We felt the importance to share and educate as many people as we can reach. That was the moment we created Frank Berlin.

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