June is Men's Mental Health Awareness Month

Authors: Tuğçe Özdemir and Guadalupe Farah

Did you know that men are less likely to seek help for mental health issues compared to women? This can be due to societal expectations, stigma, and a lack of awareness. June is dedicated to raising awareness about men's mental health, with International Men's Health Week observed from June 10-16. Men’s mental health is a topic that's often overlooked, but it's incredibly important.

Men's Mental Health Awareness Month was established to address the unique mental health struggles that men encounter. The goal is to encourage open conversations, reduce stigma, and provide resources for those in need.

Recognizing the Signs

Knowing the signs can help you support the men in your life:

  • Changes in Behavior: Withdrawal from social activities, increased irritability, or drastic mood swings.
  • Physical Symptoms: Unexplained aches, pains, or changes in sleep patterns.
  • Emotional Indicators: Persistent sadness, hopelessness, or loss of interest in hobbies and activities.

How to Help 

Supporting someone struggling with mental health can make a significant difference:

  • Listen: Sometimes, just being there and listening without judgment is the best support you can offer.
  • Encourage Professional Help: Suggest they talk to a mental health professional. Offer to help them find resources or accompany them to appointments.
  • Stay Connected: Regular check-ins and spending time together can help them feel valued and supported.

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